Unless otherwise stated all photos on this blog are shot and edited by me. I’ve been doing photography for about 10 years now as a hobby and am mostly self taught beyond two semesters of film photography I took in college.

Through the years I’ve moved from point and shoot camera’s up to my current DSLR. I now shoot with a Canon 5D (usually with a 50mm lens), use a tripod when possible, and as needed shoot with either natural light or with an Alien Bee B400. I also find it helpful to have a white umbrella, a reflector and a remote shutter release. And of course my two furry assistants… ;)

For food photos I recommend a tripod or a very steady hand, and lots of light. Shoot around F/3.5 or higher, and try shooting directly side on or directly from above; those angles tend to produce informative and interesting food shots. But of course, be creative and do what works for you :)

This space will be updated as I continue my journey with food blogging! Feel free to comment with any questions, I’m happy to help or talk shop.

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