Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd Filling


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Every time I bake a cake I learn something new. Baking – good baking – isn’t necessarily a complex thing, but it does take a good amount of energy and concentration. White cakes in particular have been fairly intimidating to me. I think they are easier to screw up and turn into a dry mess when compared to a nice Devil’s Food cake that’s loaded with a lot of moisture through milk, coffee and oil.

This time around, I learned:

Now let’s look at some pretty cake pictures!



I used this cake recipe from Sweetapolita. I filled it with (amazing) lemon curd made using this recipe from the Food Charlatan.


This was a pretty challenging cake for me. I’ve never done a filled cake before, and I also had some issues trimming the “domes” from the cakes. And I was very silly and didn’t wait for my buttercream frosting to come back to a good temperature for piping. in order to make the frosting dam to keep the lemon curd from leaking.


I should’ve made WAY more frosting! You can see above that there’s a pretty big space still between the edge of the dam and the outside edge of the layers. I used up way too much frosting trying to fill that space, and ended up with only just barely enough to cover the cake. I also could have just made the dam closer to the edge of the cake – I had more than enough lemon curd to fill it, and that probably would’ve helped fill that gap.


With all that said, it was very tasty! The frosting was very sweet so I didn’t mind only having a thin layer on top of the cake, which by itself was also quite sweet. The lemon curd provided welcome tang to the taste.


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